Write it down now – or forget it.

Excerpt from “Punchline Your Bottom Line: 76 Ways to Get Any Business Audience Laughing” by David Glickman.

As you continue to “Punchline Your Bottom Line”, you will find yourself developing your skill to “think more funny.” You will develop a keen sense of observation and a “comic view” for everything around you. You will find humor in places where you never thought there could be anything funny. You will think of funny things at times and in places when you least expect it. And all of it will be for naught if you don’t write it down when you think of it!

We human beings fool ourselves into thinking that the brilliant thought we came up with is so funny and so clever, there’s no possible way that we could forget it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. When your funny ideas are created “out of context” (for example, in the shower), that lack of context becomes the disconnect for why you can’t remember a few hours later “that hysterical thing I thought of this morning in the shower.”

It’s important to keep a paper and pencil available at all times if you want to start building your humor strength. I use “paper and pencil” as a generic phrase. It can be a Palm Pilot, a laptop, an Etch-A-Sketch—anything that gives you the ability to capture your ideas immediately. I also keep a small dictaphone in the car, so I can record funny thoughts when I’m driving. (A large percentage of your best laugh ideas will come while driving!)

So don’t fall into the easy trap of being so impressed with your funny thought that you’re certain you’ll remember it later. You won’t. If you’re serious about being funny in front of business audiences, you’ll keep the tools with you at all times to capture the funny thoughts that come to you when you’re not in front of business audiences.

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