Brand names are funnier than generic names.

Excerpt from “Punchline Your Bottom Line: 76 Ways to Get Any Business Audience Laughing” by David Glickman.

“Pinto” is funnier than “compact car.”

“Skippy” is funnier than “peanut butter.”

“Captain Crunch” is funnier than “cereal.”

“Lazy Boy” is funnier than “recliner.”

“Home Depot” is funnier than “hardware store.”

Any questions?

When you have the opportunity, use a brand name of a product or service, rather than just saying the generic name. “So there we were, sitting at the Dairy Queen, in our formal wear” is funnier than “So there we were, sitting at the ice cream shop, in our formal wear.” This isn’t rocket science—it’s just that brand names sound funnier!

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“Thank you, David….you not only provided MORE than you promised in your “punchup” review of my new keynote, you also got me to start thinking funnier. You offer excellent value and I appreciate your help.”

George Walther, CSP, CPAE
Speaking From Experience, Inc.

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